The Holiday Home Tour You’ve All Been Waiting For!

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The time has finally come that you all have been waiting for! You guys have been asking for a Holiday Home Tour with all the Christmas decor. I not only wanted to show you how it turned out, but provide you with a ton of items I used to make this possible! Christmas is probably my favorite time of year, surrounded by wonderful family and the snowfall makes it even that more magical. Decor like this does not happen overnight, but now that it is complete I can simply enjoy it!

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Holiday Home | Kitchen

wreath, holiday home decor kitchen items, gold bells, matte black light fixtures, gold ribbon, faux greenery branches, velvet red and green ribbon, double handed vase, gold cowbells, hightop table

Wreath | Gold Bells | Matte Black Light Fixture | Gold Ribbon | Pinecone Branch | Frosted Cherry Branch | Pine & Snowberry Branch | Velvet Red Ribbon | Velvet Green Ribbon | Dual Handed Vase | Gold Cowbells | Hightop Chairs

With my kitchen I wanted to add little features to compliment the space but not over load it. A ton of people have been asking what wreath I have above my stove and I have it linked above! My kitchen has its own design so just adding simple touches of greenery, gold accents and ribbon bows elevates this area.

kitchen decor, holiday home decor, kitchen holiday deocr, greenery, christmas decor

Holiday Home | Living Room Essentials

holiday home decor, rustic trees, wooden coffee table, side table, cream pillows, fuzzy ottoman, candles and candle holders, terracotta bowl, faux fur throw

Rustic Tree Stands | Wooden Coffee Table | Wooden Side Table | Faux Fur Pillow | Crochet Pillow | Cream Ottoman | Tonka Candle | Candle Holder | Terracotta Bowl | Faux Fur Throw

I have gotten tons of compliments on my living room. I love a warm, cozy feel to my living space and these are some of my favorite essentials. If you are wanting to elevate a space, adding a faux fur throw on the couch enhances the area. These pillows are ones you can use year round not just during the holidays. I love a great terracotta bowl. It is so sleek and during the holidays you can fill it with ornaments!

living room design, holiday home decor, side table, holiday decor, christmas decor

Holiday Home | Festive Living Room Decor

standing reindeer, laying down reindeer, linen textured candles, faux fur throw blanket. white textured vases, gold cases, black table, twinkling twig trees

Standing Reindeer | Laying Reindeer | Linen Textured Candles | Faux Fur Rug | White Textured Vases | Pinecone Branch | Gold Stacked Cases | Black Table | Twinkling Light Twig Trees

One of my holiday favorites are these twinkling twig trees! They can make a space feel very festive and you can put them in any room! I love this black table that I have against my couch, this is where I added most of my holiday decor. These little reindeers are super cute and very durable to last many years. These linen textured candles are a great addition to a space. You can keep these up year round as well!

living room decor, holiday home decor, black table, christmas decor and design,

Holiday Home | Entry Way

christmas tree, holiday home entryway items, faux fur tree skirt, ornaments, greenery, cream vases, candles, gold cowbells

Frosted Tree | Faux Fur Tree Skirt | Gold Cowbells | White Textured Vases | Ornaments | Staircase Greenery | Pinecone Branch | Dried Eucalyptus Branches | Linen Textured Candles | Braided Tray

I want my entryway to feel warm and cozy when you enter. Adding a little flocked tree with this faux fur tree skirt gives you the feel of Christmas spirit from the time you walk in. I’m a big fan of neutral tones so this cream faux fur tree skirt makes this area feel even more cozy! Lately, I have received a ton of comments on the greenery on my staircase. The one linked above is a favorite of mine, but if you are wanting more details on all the greenery click HERE.

entryway, holiday decor, house entryway, greenery on staircase, holiday home decor

Holiday Home | Bedroom

holiday home, flocked christmas tree, cream bed frame, end of bed stool, wreath, gold start tree topper, area rug, cream designed pillows, sheet set, duvet set

Flocked Christmas Tree | Cream Bed Frame | End of Bed Stool | Wreath | Gold Star Tree Topper | Area Rug | Printed Decorative Pillow | Sheet Set | Duvet Set

My bedroom is my safe space to wind down and relax, so of course I need it extra cozy in there. I love my. bed set so much, with the bed frame, all of the pillows, duvet set! It gives the comfort that I need after a long day. These area rugs I have found on Amazon are a personal favorite. They add dimension to the room and accent my style very well. Of course for the holidays I have to put a Christmas tree in the bedroom. It is the perfect height and I love waking up to the Christmas spirit this time of year.

bedroom, holiday home tour, bedroom decor, holiday bedroom decor and style

Holiday Home | The Basement

wreath, holiday home decor, basement items, greenery, gold bells, red ribbon, gold christmas trees, reindeer brass beads, hanging bells

Wreath | Hanging Garlands | Gold Bells | Red Ribbon | Brass Christmas Trees | Tree Standing Reindeer | Brass Beads | Hangings Bells Strand

My basement is definitely a room I get tons of compliments on. The black wall fireplace is showstopper and not something you see in homes very often. I am proud of this space and accenting it with holiday items makes me so happy. With the black wall, the greenery and decor pop so much more with the contrast! I love adding beads to my garlands and greenery to give that extra sparkle.

basement decor, holiday home decor, basement holiday decor, greenery, bells, reindeer, christmas trees

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I know my Holiday Home Tour was highly requested and I hope I provided you all the goods you were looking for. If you decorate your home with any of my items I would love to see how you style it. Thank you so much for supporting me.


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