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Holiday season is quickly approaching and so is the sell outs of all our favorite GARLAND must haves! I rounded up the garland that I have in my home that is still in stock… for now! I love incorporating garland in as many places as I can in my home throughout the holiday season. As we all know, this girl is 100000% neutral and so these greenery options stay right in line with my palette. Using garland is a great way to add holiday touches without going over the top too, which is also right down my alley! I’ve linked all the garlands you’ll be seeing in my home below!

  1. My mantle garland – $52 – This is still in stock right now. I used 6 strands of this to create my droopy look, but 2-4 will work just fine!
  2. My staircase garland – $71 – This is a sell out every year! This cedar faux garland will work on a mantle or anywhere for that matter. Great price point!
  3. Front door garland – $60 – This target garland cannot seriously be beat! The price point is insane, and it truly is beautiful! I used this on my front door exterior last year, and the length is amazzzzing!
  4. My floor mirror garland- $63 – This is a new one for me this year and I am so in love. This garland has been a sell out every year, and I grabbed it early! Stay tuned for this new one!
  5. Downstairs fireplace mantle $40 – This is an AMAZING garland. While its a little on the thin side, layering with several pieces creates a beautiful full look.

As always, thank you for your support this Holiday season! I am sooooo ready to get the decor up and ready to show to you all! Message me if you have any questions!

xo, J

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