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Christmas is right around the corner! I cannot believe that 2022 is coming to a close and we are about to enter into 2023. This time of year is my favorite because I get to surprise my kids, be with family and holiday decor is so fun to shop for. I know this time of year can be stressful with family, holiday parties, buying gifts and then having to wrap all of them. I have compiled my Christmas wrapping go-to’s to make this process so much easier and more enjoyable!

To see how I use my Christmas wrapping essentials click HERE!

As Christmas is just a couple weeks away, I created a multiple Gift Guides to make shopping a breeze. Shop below:

Christmas Wrapping Items

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Little Elf Paper Cutter | White and Gold Twine | Christmas Wrapping Paper | Gift Wrap Organizer | Silicone Slap Bands | Black Velvet Ribbon | Tabletop Wrap Buddies | White Velvet Ribbon

All of these items are from Amazon and make gift wrapping so much easier. One of my favorite tools is the Tabletop Wrap Buddies because they secure to the side of your table. There is even a spot to hold your tape for easy access. This gift wrapping organizer is a game changer for not only storage but keeping all of your Christmas wrapping items separated and organized.

Tip: using silicone slap bands keep your wrapping paper from unraveling and do not crush your paper!

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Gift Wrap Organizer | Similar Wrapping Paper | White and Gold Twine | Tabletop Wrap Buddies

Check out this gift wrap organizer! This storage container is perfect for all of your gift wrapping paper, bows and ribbons. No more just throwing them in the closet, this organizer keeps all of your items in a select spot and prevents natural wear and tear. Nothing is worse than having to buy new wrapping paper every year, where this keeps them perfectly stored all year long! Another gadget that is a must have is the tabletop tape dispenser buddie! It secures to your table and has a spot to put tape on each side for easy access.

Little Elf Paper Cutter | Tabletop Wrapping Buddie | Silicone Slap Bands | Similar Wrapping Paper

Here are some of my favorite items for making Christmas wrapping extra easy. Sometimes with kids it can be hard to wrap presents without them knowing. With these items I am able to wrap quickly and efficiently while my husband distracts the kids! The Little Elf Buddie wraps around the roll and makes a perfect cut down the paper for sharp edges! These Silicone Slap Bands are a secret for making organization so much better! I use these to wrap around my gift wrapping rolls to keep them from unraveling throughout the year. They secure your paper in place and do not create creases and wrinkles!

Shop More Holiday Home Favorites

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You can find Gift Guides, home decor and all my Amazon favorites on my storefront. Click the image above to shop now.

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