Our Next Adventure Phase 2: Moving Into Our Camper

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We are onto phase 2 of our new adventure with building our dream lake house in Priest Lake, Idaho! I have been getting a TON of questions regarding where we are even beginning. A little update: all of the trees have been cleared where we are going to build the house! This is going to be a journey that we truly take our time on. If we are building a dream home, I want to take our time to get everything aligned perfectly. So you may be asking, what’s next? We have moved our camper trailer to our property and will be living in and out of this as we build over the next months! I am sharing with you the entire journey, so this is the official “Welcome To Our Camper!”

I have provided you all of the key essentials that I have used to stock our new mini travel home, and camping essentials that you can use for your own trip this year! If you have missed our big announcement about this build CLICK HERE to check out that blog!

Top 10 Camping Essentials

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Black Paper Towel Roll (16% off) | Salt and Pepper Shaker (21% off) | Mattress Topper | Flat Top Cast Iron Grill (15% off) | Grilling Utensils (33% off + 20% off coupon) | Food Essential Caddy | Outdoor Area Rug (30% off) | Camping Chair (12% off) | Camper Awning Shade (10% off + 10% off coupon) | Soap Dispenser (5% off coupon)

Here are what I consider the top 10 essentials for your camper! Start off with the basics on what you need. Items to sleep, to eat, and basic essentials. One of the most important things for me personally is a comfortable place to sleep. When you sleep well, you will enjoy yourself 10x more. ALWAYS, start off with a good mattress topper! I recommend these for your own home as well. Get quality sleep, no matter where you are. Next are cooking essentials! My family and I grill and cook out a bunch when we are out at the camper. Get all of your big cooking essentials like grilling utensils and a food caddy. This will hold your paper towels, condiments, and utensils for each meal.

Camper Must Haves | More Camping Essentials

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Sink Counter Wooden Tray | Round Dish Scrubber | Wooden Pedestal | Cutting Boards (46% off) | Sink Drying Rack (5% off coupon) | Ziplock Bag Organizer (20% off) | Duvet Insert (15% off) | Duvet Cover ($5 off coupon)

Here are some extra items that help complete the feel of your camper. Once you get the basics then you are able to add in items like decorative trays and organizers! Where we live up north, it can get chillier at night time. I love having a duvet set because they are very cozy and keep you warm! You can grab the insert and duvet cover off of Amazon now for your own home. The cover comes in a few different colors, so you can pick the style you like the most! A sink drying rack is a must when you are doing dishes. You have limited space in a camper so the more places you can stock up items, the better. These are also great for when you wash vegetables. You can sit them out to start drying off the excess water while you wash the rest!

Camper Essentials | Outdoor Games

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22.5 Ft. Slip and Slide (37% off) | Dart Boards (35% off + 10% off coupon) | Jenga (15% off) | Ring Toss (22% off) | Cornhole Game Set

When we stay out here on the property periodically while we are building, we need games. We do not have service so entertainment is key! Yes we are on the lake, but for days where we want to chill out these games are perfect. All of these games you can have for the summer as well. Kids will go crazy over this super long slip and slide! It is has holes on each side where water comes out and waterfalls onto the slide. Slip and slides have a bit of nostalgia because it reminds me of my childhood and playing outside all of the time! Cornhole is a very fun game to play, and I have seen a lot of people get these boards custom made. However, with being out in a forrest-y area I rather have boards that are durable for the changing weather.

Shop More Home and Traveling Must Haves

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This new journey for my family and I has me gleaming with happiness! I am very excited to take you along with me for this transition into our dream estate! Are you going through a similar transition, or have big plans for the future. I am here to share with you all of the details on my experience. We will go through this together and you will get a first inside look from start to finish! Thank you for following along with me, and the consistent support!


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