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Happy Thursday lovely friends! I am very excited for today’s blog because this has been a project that my family and I have been working on. Our powder bathroom is a room that we have been wanting to give a refresh to for a while. So naturally, my brain started turning on how I wanted this space to look. I am very big on clean and organized spaces with pops of accents. For this bathroom I was going for light, airy, with black as the staple color. Check out what I used to decor and design this space below!

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Powder Bathroom Reveal | Decor

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Gold Framed Mirror | Gold Sconces | Soap Dispensers (12% off + 5% off coupon) | Marble Tray | Hand Towel Hanger (5% off coupon) | Wallpaper | Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles | Shower Tiles | Black Vase | Bath Towel Hooks (6% off + 5% off coupon) | Dried German Statice | Eucalyptus | Black Stand

A bunch of the items that I got to decorate this space was from Amazon! I didn’t want to over clutter this bathroom, and when it comes to decorating especially less is more. A lot of people think that you need a bunch of items to fill a space. When in reality sometimes less is more! I found these sconces on Amazon and thought that they’d be fabulous in this bathroom! The gold is stunning and they really pop on each side of these mirrors!

Powder Bathroom | Design With Me

I am so happy with how this powder bathroom turned out! I love how light and airy it looks with the touches of dark accents. That is how my entire house is and my personal style! Giving the feeling of airy, warm and cozy with hints of dark accents to make it pop! All of these items you can use to decorate your own bathroom in your home for a very affordable price.

This wallpaper is absolutely stunning! I saw this, and knew it would be perfect in this bathroom. Some people are not fans of wallpaper, but I am! It definitely added to this bathroom, and gave a subtle flare and elegance!

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