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I just recently got back from the most amazing and necessary trip to Mexico. This is one of the very few times a year where my husband and I get to go on a trip by ourselves without the kids! Not only that, but we just needed a little refresh to kick start us back into our every day lives. So many of us are on the go constantly, working, and raising kids that we forget to take time for ourselves. We joined up with a couple of our friends and had the most amazing trip in Cancún! If you haven not planned a vacation for yourself, or even a weekend get away, you need to. Just do it because you will feel so much better because you actually set aside time for yourself!

I have compiled a few lists of all the essential items I brought with me to Cancún! Everything from swimwear, to Airtags for our bags! If you need more vacation essential inspo CLICK HERE!

Trip to Mexico | Travel Gadgets

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4 Pack of Airtags | Magnet Phone Charger (15% off coupon) | Bag Clip | 3-in-1 Charging Station (20% off) | Suitcase Organizers | Makeup Brush Container (30% off) | Sponge Container (50% off) | Sunglass Organizer (15% off) | Duffel Bag (21% off)

I shared a bunch of these gadgets on my Instagram stories, and you all loved them! This magnet phone charger was a game changer, you all took this by storm. It came so in handy and I will be bringing this with me on every trip from now on. I also showed you guys this fold up sunglass case, which you may have seen on my stories. Since it folds up on itself it is super compact and you don’t have to worry about them getting scratched or damaged which traveling!

Trip to Mexico | Fashion Favorites

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White Midi Dress | Purple One Shoulder Cut Out Dress | Black Floral 2 Piece Dress | Sheer Maxi Coverup Dress | White Cut Out Tie Dress | Tan Crop Top | White Linen Pants

I got a ton of compliments on these pieces when I was in Mexico! When you go to the beach you have to pack plenty of beach dresses. I really love all of these and pair great with a fresh tan! These fashions are affordable and were great outfits to wear to dinner, the beach, or out on the town!

Trip to Mexico | Swimwear & Accessories

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Dark Purple Sparkle Bathing Suit Top | Dark Purple Bathing Suit Bottoms | Pink Floral Bathing Suit Top | Pink Floral Bathing Suit Bottoms | Hot Pink Triangle Top | Hot Pink Bathing Suit Bottoms | Tan Coverup Skirt | Gold Bracelets (15% off) | Beach Hat | Clear Strap Heels | Black Sunglasses | Champagne Flip Flops

Can’t forget some of my favorite swimsuit pieces! When you’re in a tropical place it seems like majority of your bag is swimsuits because you want to pack some of your favorites. All of these swimsuits are from different places and fit amazing. I felt confident and comfortable wearing them while on this trip. Pro tip: if you are going out to the beach, or around the resort wear comfortable sandals. Do not whip out the high heels until later in the evening. You will appreciate yourself later!

Shop More Vacation Favorites

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Thank you so much for coming along with me on this trip! I hope you have some place tropical calling your name soon!


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