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As we are getting closer and closer to March I am fully ready to dive into Spring and warm weather! I know Spring Break is around the corner, and a bunch of you are heading someplace tropical. Where are you traveling to this year? As I have traveled to a bunch of different places, I have compiled a full list of fashions, packing essentials, and more to help create the perfect vacation! No need to stress on what to pack because I have all the essentials you will want to bring.

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Vacation Essentials | Beach Fashions

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White Knit Tank Cover Up | Tan High Neck Cut Out Dress (10% off) | Halter Top Striped Dress | White Off the Shoulder Knit Cover Up | Pink One Shoulder Matching Set (6% off coupon)| Pink Split Hem Dress

I took a bunch of these fashions on my own vacation, and got so many compliments on them! One of the key essentials, is a cute cover up. Not only are they comfortable, but they cover you up so you don’t feel so exposed and they’re cute walking around the beach. You can’t go to the beach without some dresses! I found these dresses and outfits on Amazon, and they are super comfortable and easy to throw on after a long day in the sun!

Vacation Essentials | Packing Must-Haves

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Makeup Bag (35% off + 10% off coupon) | Jewelry Organizer | Portable Steamer (23% off) | Luggage Organizer (15% off coupon) | Makeup Brush Holders (30% off) | Beach Please Bag (34% off) | Hard Case Luggage (69% off) | Cream Travel Bag (21% off + 5% off coupon)

I love these travel items when going on vacation! The storage is amazing and so many of these items are on sale right now! All of these items are from Amazon, so you are able to get them just in time for Spring Break and summer. Especially when traveling, being organized is a must so these suitcase organizers are one of my favorite purchases. This travel size steamer is a purchase you didn’t know you needed until you get one. I use this to freshen up my clothes from being folded up in a suitcase. You’re able to look fresh all vacation long with this steamer and fits perfectly in a travel bag or suitcase!

Vacation Essentials | Accessories

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Straw Beach Hat | EltaMD Sunscreen | Round Gold and Black Sunglasses | Cat Eye Black Sunglasses | Gold Bracelet Set | Gold Earrings | Tan Strapped Heels (10% off) | Black Side Tie Sarong | Gold Sandals

You can’t forget the accessories! These are my go-to’s because they can be used multiple times throughout the vacation. Always have a couple good pairs of shoes, for the beach and then for dinners! Make sure to pick comfortable shoes as well, as typically people do a lot of walking. Top it off with your favorite sunglasses, and jewelry that is reliable and trendy with your style! These items are some of my favorites, and affordable! Last but not least, wear sunscreen!! Your skin will thank you later, but lather up with sunscreen to protect your skin from damage.

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Thank you for shopping and supporting me! I want to know where you’re headed for vacation this year, drop your location in the comments below!


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