This Weeks Follower Favorites

Follower Favorites

This weeks follower favorites were all things AMAZON!!!! Who doesn’t love Amazon though, right? I was so excited about Prime day this month, my wallet is definitely in recovery mode right now. But the deals were sooooo good this year it was definitely hard to stay within budget.

This weeks favorites are here!

  1. The Nugget ice machine: This was a BEST seller during prime days, and one of the biggest discounted items. I personally have and love this machine, we use it daily in our kitchen and you really cant beat the nugget ice!
  2. Shark Handheld Vacuum: This is a new find for me this year and I have absolutely been obsessed with it! This was a top seller during prime day event and is going to be a hot item long term. The ease of this vacuum is what makes it such a hit, and I now have my best friend 😉
  3. Zip Log bag organizer: What is not to love about this item? It was #3 best seller over Prime day event and there is no question why! I use this in my drawer to keep all of my zip lock bags organized and it really doesn’t get any better than than this guy!
  4. Glass clear coffee mugs: My everyday must have was part of the sale this year! No question these are a super hot item this year and I was super glad they were part of the sale.
  5. Amazon Basics Dutch Oven: This was a new item for me to show off during the event and you can bet it is staying! The price tag on this even not on sale cannot be beat! I went with white and is a beautiful addition for my kitchen.

Much love… chat later!


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