Why we chose luxury vinyl plank flooring

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Why we chose LVP over Hardwood Floors:

The question on our flooring in our home is one of the most popular questions I get weekly, so lets break it down. This is also one of the hardest choices people have when building a new home, or remodeling. Definitely was one of mine! What type of floor to go with is tough. We went back and forth during our build process on flooring options, and after all of our research we went with a Luxury Vinyl Plank product “LVP”. Let me break down why:

LVP is one of the strongest, everlasting, durable flooring products you can put in your home to withstand the test of time of young children, dogs, and high heels. As much as I wanted warm, hardwood floors, I had to take a step back and review my family and how we treated our current home floors… which was not good. Our toddler boy who runs through his house at full speed with monster trucks and dump trucks, with the golden retriever chasing after him at full speed was reasons enough for us to go with LVP. 

Our floor selection was a tough one, and ultimately it came down to doing a hard review into what was popular and trending as well as what aesthetically looked the most like real hardwoods. I knew I did NOT want plastic looking, feeling floor that would downgrade the look and feel of our home. Which eventually landed on a product from Provenza flooring and it was pretty instant love. When I first initially saw this flooring from other fellow instagrammers I was indeed intrigued, and began doing research online and through their local retailers. After several samples planks arrived , we ended up going with the color “finally mine” from Provenza flooring.

Another great bonus with LVP is it is also much more affordable than hardwood or engineered hardwood. With the savings of our choice to go with a more affordable floor, we were able to save in our budgets and apply our credit to other areas of the home we knew we wanted to upgrade. While hardwood flooring is beautiful, the things to keep in mind when selecting the floor is how you will use and treat the floor. That is ultimately why we went with LVP, and couldn’t be more happy with our choice.

Xo, Jordyn

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