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Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner! It officially starts on Tuesday June 11th – 12th. If this is your first time shopping on Amazon Prime Day I am here to give you the full scoop on how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Not only that, but what to look out for. I have compiled a couple lists of key categories to pay attention to and trending items that I believe will be a part of the sale. You can shop them all below and get exclusive access to my current favorites below!

PSA: My Amazon Prime Day blog will be going LIVE on Tuesday June 11th!! Mark your calendars!!

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Pre-Prime Day Inspo | Home

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Robot Vacuum (55% off) | Pebble Ice Maker (26% off) | Quilted Pot Holders (13% off) | Spice Organizer & Labels (42% off) | Hangers (8% off) | Mixing Bowl Set (27% off) | Pet Hair Cleaner (22% off) | Luggage (30% off)

As you can see all of these items are already on sale!! One of the biggest categories for sales on Prime Day are home essentials. Home decor, home storage, home electronics and more. All things home will most likely be on sale on Prime Day! For example, if you need new organizational items, new tv’s, or home technology this is when to grab them. They WILL sell out quickly, so this is something that you need to stay on top of on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Pre-Prime Day Inspo | Beauty

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Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner Duo | Laneige Lip Balm | Face Roller & Gua’sha | Mighty Patch Pimple Patches | Face Washing Headbands | Dermaplaning Tool | Scalp Scrubber | Claw Clip | Curling Iron

Beauty is another big category that takes Amazon Prime Day by storm. Everything from hair tools, to skincare. I am going to give you a key tip on how to hack Amazon Prime Day deals!!

Prime Day TIP: Look up the items you are wanting ahead of time. Add them to your cart, and when Prime Day and the discounts hit you can purchase a lot quicker!

You will see a lot of similar categories such as beauty that are going to be full of deals. Go ahead and snag some items in cart ahead of time. This is a range from skincare tools to your favorite makeup products. Need a revamp on your makeup? Wait till Amazon Prime Day and shop the discounts!

Prime Day Prep | Fashion Favorites

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Mint Satin Dress | Taupe One Shoulder Matching Set | Black One Shoulder Romper | Purple Matching Set | Nike Court Legacy Sneakers | Nike Air Max Sneakers | Denim Shorts | Cheetah Hat | Brown Faux Leather Shorts

Are you in desperate need of new fashions for summer time? Need an outfit for a special occasion or just because? I got you! The think with Amazon Prime Day is it is always a gamble because you never fully know what items will be on sale. However, if you have certain favorite styles then go ahead and add them to your cart. I am always on the hunt to find new cute and comfy athletic sets! Fashion is a big hitting category because if you are like me, then you already buy a ton of outfits. Amazon has grown their fashion game over the years, so this is your chance to grab your favorites.

I wanted to give you some outfit inspo on what to look for and what styles I am loving. Everything from dresses to faux leather shorts!

Shop More Amazon Must Haves

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amazon fridge organizers

Shop Trending Home, Beauty & Fashions

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I am so excited for Amazon Prime Day this year!! I want to know what items you are looking to buy on Prime Day? What are your go-to’s? Let me know in the comments!


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