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This is an exciting blog that I have been thinking about for a while! Let’s discuss throw pillows! Personally, styling throw pillows is one of my favorite parts of redecorating and designing a space. I think of it as a finishing touch to the room, to tie everything in together. Now there are certain sizes, shapes, and styles that play into how the finishing look will come out. Let me take you through the process of styling the correct throw pillows in your own home!

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Styling Throw Pillows | Neutrals

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Rustic Euro Pillow | Striped Euro Pillow | Cream Knot Throw Pillow | Distressed Knit Throw Pillow | Brown Feathered Throw Pillow | Euro Pillow Inserts | Cream Lifted Faux Fur Striped Pillow

If you have been following me for a while you know I am a huge fan of euro pillows. Euro pillows are called this because it is based off of the phrase “European style pillows” because they are larger in size. Typically they are larger than your normal pillow. I style euro pillows on my couch especially because they are extra comfortable and really tie in the concept that you are trying to get. When it comes to rooms such as a living room, I like to use throw pillows as an accent to the room. For example, I have a very light and neutral living room. I incorporate the dark brown pillows as contrast against the neutral room. This makes the pillows pop even more!

TIP: I have included a link to the euro pillow inserts. Instead of purchasing brand new pillows every time you are in the mood, just purchase the cover. This will save you a TON of money because you are only charging for the cover not the entire pillow! Each season I typically will change out the style of my throw pillows and this saves me so much room and money!

As you can see above how I styled these in my own living room. To really accent the darker pillows I will include more ivory or cream pillows to contrast. Also, whoever said you have too many pillows, is lying because they are so fun to style plus add personality into a room. My key tip is when you layer pillows, karate chop (yes.. karate chop) the top to give it the top indention! This will also help your pillows look more full and fluffed out.

Styling Throw Pillows | Printed Pillows

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Tan Floral Printed Pillow | Gray Floral Print Pillow | Tan Dashed Line Pillow | Ivory Botanical Print Pillow | Brown Floral Pillow | Striped Throw Pillow | Gray Plaid Pillow Set | Gray and White Lumbar Pillow | Cream Floral Tassel Pillow

Now let’s talk prints! I know some people have their preference on prints when it comes to throw pillows. Personally I enjoy having them throughout my home because it adds more than just a solid color. I typically will pair a solid neutral with a print to really compliment each other. If you layer too many prints together it can be too overwhelming and end up clashing. So, if you are starting out the styling and decorating journey, key tip to using prints is to find colors that compliment it. Pull out colors from inside of the print and use those as solids!

For example: If I style the dark brown floral printed pillow, I am going to accent it with a more cream / ivory based pillow. This will pair with the cream stitched floral pattern but also feel more cozy when paired together.

Bedroom Set Styling | Throw Pillows

Now let’s talk bedrooms! When it comes to bedding I see so many people who actually layer their pillows incorrectly. You can’t really style them “wrong” essentially, but I am going to show you how to accent and style your bed even better than before.

TIP 1: The pillows you use to actually sleep on, lay flat on the bed. This will force the decorative pillows forward on the bed showcasing them more.

TIP 2: Place your bedding pillow shams next. This will be the starting point for your pillows, and since these are horizontal it will cover majority of the width of the bed.

TIP 3: Next is euro pillows!! These are taller than your pillow shams, and will be the biggest pillow on the bed. Think of these as the center piece for your bedding. I like to use euro pillows as the core style when it comes to bedding. For instance, if you have darker bedding and light sheets, match the euro pillows to the sheets color!

TIP 4: Grab smaller throw pillows and layer in front of the euro pillows. This is where I will add in pillows that are the contrast color, or pillows that have a print for this spot!

TIP 5: Finish off the look with a lumbar pillow. This will complete and tie in the look completely! Just karate chop the bigger pillows and bam you are ready to go!

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This blog was super fun to create and I hope this helps you with you throw pillow styling! I want to know what your favorite prints and styles are! I appreciate the consistent support and love!


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