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I have been thinking about this blog post for a while because I always get questions regarding curtains. And lets be honest… curtains are HARD! With my latest addition of curtains in my home spaces, I figured it was time to break down what I used, and why. Styling curtains in a home can honestly be pretty tricky. Sometimes it’s hard trying to decide what shade, style and/or length would look best. I am here to show you some curtains that I use throughout my home and found recently that are great! My home is very neutral, which is my personal style. However, these curtains come in a large range of colors! So you are able to pick what would works best with your style.

CLICK HERE to see the reel of my bedroom curtain refresh!

My Latest Curtain update deets…

There are a lot of curtain styles to choose from. It can be overwhelming, and stressful. I cannot tell you how many times I have swapped out curtains in my home, until I FINALLY got it right! I recently decided pinch pleat header style was my favorite, and that is what I have recently added in my spaces (Linked Here) This style is classy, timeless and just looks expensive, (but isn’t)! If you are stuck on color, Two Pages does offer a swatch book, and is worth it to see the colors in real life.

For my bedroom, I did blackout lined in the color grey beige. I have 10ft ceilings in this space, and a large window, so I went custom to ensure right width and length. I dont typically shut my curtains, but if I ever wanted a sleep in day, then black out would be ideal.

In my nook, I wanted light and airy so I did not line them as I wanted the sun to shine through. I used the same pinch pleat style, color ivory beige.

My guest room I went with a standard size, they worked great for this space as I have lower ceilings, which keeps it simple. I did not line the guest room curtains, and ordered in the ivory white color. Being in the basement I didn’t want the space to feel dark, however most time in bedrooms I would typically line them. This standard sizing option also reduces costs, just keep in mind that you want the length and width to be correct. Measuring details below….

When ordering pinch pleat curtains you will need curtain rings, and i’ve linked those lower in the blog post. These curtains are high end, and designer looking for half the cost. I have been extremely happy with them!

My exact curtains can be found HERE.

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Our dining nook project was a fun one… It was one of those spaces I knew needed done, but I was also terrified of the curtains covering too much of the windows. Blocking the view would have had me in big time trouble with the Mr. I ordered the two side windows in smaller widths, and the two inside sections larger. I was most definitely nervous about this part, but it worked out in my favor. It doesn’t always work that way ;). This room required a special corner rod attachments. I’ve linked them here.

Curtains come in so many different styles and lengths it can be so overwhelming. The key tip when doing pinch pleat curtains is to ensure they are the correct width. Do you plan to open and close them? If not, then you can reduce your width of the curtain. Typically though, you will order these drapes in the width that will cover the window for when you do want to close them. Length is another key factor when ordering custom curtains. Depending on your ceiling height, you will measure from where the rod is set at, to the tip of the floor. Your rod should always be as high as you get it, the key tip is roughly 2-4 inches from ceiling. This will make your ceilings feel larger, and draw your eyes up when walking into the room.

KEY TIP: Black out curtains should go in bedrooms but not in living areas. Pick a more sheer curtain when you are styling them in either a living room, or kitchen so it doesn’t fully block sunlight.

Curtain | Hanging Accessories

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Curtain rods are a big part of completing the look when it comes to curtains. I am more of a black curtain rod person because that matches my home style. Black and gold curtain rods are most popular but there are multiple styles. You can use a plain curtain rod and add these rings for a touch of dimension. This can turn your curtains into a hanging style if that is the look you are needing in your home. Or a hack is if your curtains are shorter than expected, you can use these rings to give them a little bit more length!

I hope these tips and tricks when it comes to curtains helps you. When it doubt go with neutral tones. This will help blend the colors of the room together instead of having them be a strong contrast against the rest of the room.

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I am so excited to take you on this next journey of life with me. A TON more styling and building content to come soon! Make sure to stay tuned for all the home insights that you will need to know!


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      1. Angela Nunes says:

        HI there. Fabulous Blog and shopfronts.
        How do I measure the windows for pinch pleat,?

        My window is 44 inch wide?

        • jordyn smith says:

          You will want to measure each panel across your window so when they are closed they cover the windows entirely.

      2. Debbie Lindsey says:

        This information is very helpful! What curtain rings did you use and how many would I need for a 72 inch wide panel? Thanks so much!