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This has been highly requested… and the wait is over! The outdoor patio reveal with all of the items, links, deals and more! Throughout the year, I love to change out my front porch and patio to match the seasons. One of the biggest goals that I have for my home is to make it actually feel “homey.” I want it to feel welcoming and decorated where it feels complete for each season. This allows you to feel fully intertwined with each season, occasion, and holiday. My patios are the first thing that people see when they come to my house. I want their first impression to always feel welcoming and comfortable. These planter pots have definitely taken a lot of you by storm, so I am giving you a first inside look at all of the details. See what I used to give my outdoor patios a spring refresh!

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Outdoor Patio | Furniture

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3 Seat Outdoor Couch | Tan Area Rug | White Coffee Table | Swivel Chairs ($100 off) | Black Side Table | Outdoor Patio Cushions

I wanted to break down each section of my outdoor items, and give them to you in specific categories. First we have furniture. These are a lot of the key furniture pieces I have on my back patio. I love this 3 seated couch, because this is where most of my friends gather in the spring and summer time! The swivel chairs are super comfortable and on sale at Walmart right now! These have been a hot trending set recently, so if you are giving your own patio a refresh, I recommend snagging these now!

Outdoor Patio | Planter Pots & Greenery

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Faux Rounded Topiary Plant | Short White Ribbed Planter Pot | High White Quilted Pattern Planter Pot | Tall Faux Maple Tree | Tall White Ripped Planter Pot | Rounded Terracotta Style Planter Pot | Black Square Planter Pot

The hot topic items are HERE! You guys have been grabbing these planters so fast… it’s crazy. However, I absolutely love that they are working for you! I will always promote doing faux greenery, faux plants and using planter pots together, all throughout the home. This will not only elevate your space, but it takes away the consistent upkeep of having real plants! This faux rounded topiary is from Amazon and looks AMAZING in person. If you have been following me on Instagram, then you saw me style this outside. These are selling fast, so I would grab them just in time for spring and summer to really kick off!

White Planter Pots | Faux Green Topiary

outdoor patio, furniture, patio furniture, outdoor seating, patio essentials, love seat, swivel chairs, outdoor patio rug, side tables, patio finds

Outdoor Patio | Decor

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Welcome Mat (24% off + 5% off coupon) | Black & Tan Block Striped Pillow | Tan Skinny Dark Striped Pillow | Tan Striped Lumbar Pillow | Area Rug | Black Lantern | Copper Lantern | Gold Lanterns

Lastly, let’s finish it off with the accents and decorative pieces! I love a good welcome mat to give a warm feeling to my friends and family when they walk into my home. Not only that, but these lanterns are fabulous! No matter your style whether it be black, copper or gold! I have lanterns consistently throughout my home because it really just adds an extra “oomph” to the space. They’re great because you can style them with any season!

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It makes me happy sharing content that you guys love! Let me know how you style these patio items at your own home. Thank you for always shopping with me, and supporting me!


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