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Happy April! As spring is especially in season, I have been super busy! Vacation, spring break, getting back to outdoor activities and more. I thought it was time to finally give you my kitchen tour! I love updating this space throughout the year, and finding items that elevate this space to accent rather than clutter. Check out below to see some of the key pieces I use for my kitchen!

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Kitchen Tour | Decor

kitchen tour, modern rustic tour, terracotta vase, oil dispensers, greenery, hanging light, wooden board, hightop chairs, glass containers, salt dispenser

Teardrop Terracotta Vase | Glass Spice Containers | Hanging Light | Marble Salt Container | Dried Floral Bunch | Gold European Salt and Pepper Grinder | Wooden Boards | Tall Dried Food Containers | Oil Dispensers | Hightop Chairs

Here are the decorative pieces that I have used to style my kitchen recently. I definitely have a modern rustic style throughout my home, but with my kitchen I like it to be more airy and light. This is probably the space in my home that I want the least cluttered. I love finding decor and pieces that accent this space, rather than fill it with a ton of knick-knack items. The amount of compliments I have gotten on these hightop chairs, and are a big hit when we have gatherings. They are super comfortable and give the kitchen that rustic accent!

Kitchen Tour | Coffee Bar

kitchen tour, marble tray, coffee syrup dispenser, glass coffee mugs, coffee pod container, gold spoons, mini spring floral vase, nespresso machine, modern kitchen, modern rustic kitchen decor

Marble Stacked Tray | White Coffee Container | Coffee Syrup Dispensers | Glass Coffee Mug | Gold Spoons | Spring Mini Floral Pot | Nespresso Machine

As you have seen on Instagram and my LTK, I love changing out my coffee bar with the holidays! I just recently did an Easter one which is perfect for this weekend! Check it out HERE! But here are a couple pieces that I typically use all year long. When I finally upgraded to the espresso machine… I have not looked back. It is 100% worth the money and makes the most delicious espresso! Another favorite is having this stacked marble tray because it gives you more room to place canisters and coffee essentials!

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I’m very happy to share with you the decor and items I use in my kitchen! This has been a hot topic recently, and I have received a ton of questions. So, I hope this helps and I greatly appreciate all of the support for myself and my home!


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