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If you have been following me for a while, you know that I gave up my corporate job 6 months ago to pursue @ourpnw_home fulltime! It has been an amazing journey, but I wanted to create my own office space. I work on a ton of things behind the scenes to create the most high quality content. When creating an office space I wanted it to be fully my style and a place that makes me want to work! I designed this solely for myself and I am so happy with the results. I give you all the details and items on how I turned this space into my dream office!

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Home Office | Desktop Essentials

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Acrylic Laptop Stand | Desk Mat | Acrylic Journal Organizer | Acrylic Phone Stand | Acrylic To-Do List | Desktop White Board | Acrylic Pen Holder

I have gotten a bunch of questions regarding the items I use to organize my desktop. The best part is all of these items are from Amazon! I like a very clean and organized look, so these acrylic and glass organizers are perfect. Making to-do lists is a must because I have a bunch of different tasks to keep up with. There are notes and reminders everywhere! This is a leather desk mat and one of my favorite finds from Amazon. All of these items are under $40!

Home Office | Decor

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3 Piece Stacked Cases | Floating Shelves | Peony Wallpaper | Gold Accent Desk Chair

You ask and you shall receive, I have the link for my wallpaper! I found this Wallpaper on Etsy and was immediately in love. The peonies and being black and white were a must for me. It’s so feminine and really makes a statement in this room. If you do not have cabinets and want to make more room, floating shelves are perfect because it relieves room off your desk or table.

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Desk Mat | Acrylic To-Do List | Laptop Stand | Acrylic Phone Stand | Acrylic Journal Organizer

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I hope this helped answer any questions regarding my home office. These items helped me turn this space into my dream office. Hopefully, it can do the same for you! If you design your own home office, show me what you used. I love to see how you decorate your own space with these items!


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  1. Diersen Michelle Gain says:

    Good morning! I love your home and style but I would love to see what color pillows you would use on a tan sectional. Everyone has white but I have a great pottery barn sectional but it’s in the light brown tan color. If you could show some other ideas for people who do not have white right now I have white, off white pillows. Thank you