Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats

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Are you feeling festive this Valentine’s Day? Although, I’m not one to decorate for Valentine’s Day, I LOVE finding an excuse to make some sweet treats. For Valentine’s Day, I focus on what I love most: my family and a good dessert! This mini donut maker is amazing and bakes the cutest little donuts for little hands. These are perfect for taking to work, sending to school with the kids or even a Galentine’s party! Gather your girlfriends and loved ones together and indulge in the best sweet treat!

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Valentine’s Donut Essentials

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Mini Donut Maker | Measuring Spoons | Strawberry Icing | Square Bowls | Cooling Rack | Pink Sprinkles | Whisk Set

These are all the kitchen essentials you will need to create the perfect mini donuts! The Donut Maker is from Amazon and only $35! You can create an amazing Valentine’s day treat without spending a ton of money. I love the pink festive sprinkles! They add the cutest touch and are perfect for these mini donuts, cookies, cupcakes, or whatever dessert you want to create this holiday. The Donut Maker is the most expensive item, and it’s only $35. A few of these items are on sale, so check out the deals below!

Square Bowls: Only $17 | 35% off + 10% off coupon

Measuring Spoons: Only $10 | 17% off

Pink Sprinkles: Only $12 | 8% off

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Mini Donut Maker | Strawberry Icing | Pink Sprinkles | Cooling Rack

Just look at how mini and perfect these are! I really like how they are not full size, because they are easier to eat and are the cutest little treat. They come out super fluffy and soft, which makes these an even better dessert. These sprinkles come in a bunch of different colors, patterns, whatever idea you can think of. Create your own treat for Valentine’s this year!

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Mini Donut Maker | Cooling Rack | Pink Sprinkles | Strawberry Icing

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I want to know what your plans are for Valentine’s Day! Are you celebrating with a night in, or out on the town? With some girlfriends? I love hearing your ideas, and plans to help inspire me as well. I hope you have a very festive and loving Valentine’s Day this year!


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