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I have received a bunch of questions recently on how I stay organized, while still keeping a sleek and modern rustic style. Sometimes, storage containers are not “pretty” to look at, or do not flow cohesively throughout the space. I like a very clean and sleek space, especially in my kitchen. These items I found from Amazon have helped organize my kitchen while continuing the modern rustic design throughout the space. I love a hint of wooden features and I wanted to incorporate that with my organization as well.

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Organization | Dry Food Containers

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66 oz Glass Jar Container | 2 Pack Glass Jars | 4 Pack Mini Snack Glass Jars | 42 oz Glass Jar Container

I love glass jar containers because it is a great way to store dry foods and showcase them as well! Any pasta noodles, snacks, beans, oats and more all look more elevated just from being in a glass container. I have discovered that when your kitchen is organized and looks sleek, it makes you want to cook more. Being able to physically see the food is a lot better than seeing it in a box.

Organization | Organizational Favorites

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Ziplock Bag Organizer | Wrap Dispenser & Cutter | Lazy Susan Organizer | Food Pouch Slider | Acrylic Storage Containers | Storage Lid Organizer

These storage items are more for cabinets, under the sink, or drawers. Mostly for places where you can hide things more easily. Instead of having multiple zip lock boxes or food wraps all stacked up, these organizers cut down the space. Plus it looks nice in a drawer. If you have kids like I do, I love these food pouch sliders because it can hold their snacks while not taking up room on the shelf. I like to organize underneath my sink and these acrylic bins are great because they stack and you are able to see all your cleaning supplies. These are also good for storing dishwasher pods, soaps, sponges and more.

Organization | Spice Containers

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Square Spice Jars | Round Spice Jars | 5oz Square Spice Jars

I know that spice jars have become very popular over the last year, and I definitely hopped on the trend. I love being able to see all of my spices lined up and labeled. It is way more fun to see everything in glass containers with cute labels, rather in mix match jars. If you cook frequently and like to stock up on the spices, I recommend getting the 5oz jars because they hold more.

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Dry Food Jars | Lazy Susan Organizer

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Round Spice Containers

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Food Storage Lid Organizer

A TON of these items are on sale right now! Like I’ve said, transforming a home is not a quick task. It’s all about implementing small details that add to the space you have. These organizational items are some of my favorites, but I am always open to find more. Let me know what your favorite storage and organizational products you’ve found recently.

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