Happy New Year and hello 2023! I am so excited for this year because you get to start new, refresh, rebuild and grow. We are kicking off the year with Amazon’s 2022 Top Selling Items. I compiled these items together from Amazon to check out now incase you missed it. 2023 is exciting because I will get to walk you through how I transform my home for every season and holiday! I get a ton of questions about my home decor, so make sure to follow along to get my essential items all year long!

Check out the Top 20 Best Sellers of 2022 HERE.

Amazon Best Selling Items

2022 amazon best sellers, wine glasses, glass mugs, electric wine opener, pillow, gold rim glasses, electric round brush cleaner, coffee pod organizer, oil dispenser

Square Wine Glasses | Glass Coffee Mugs | Electric Wine Opener | Plush Pillow | Gold Rim Stemless Glasses | Electric Power Scrub Round Brush | Coffee Pod Organizer | Glass Oil Dispenser

I use these items on the daily! A few of these items, I know you bought for Christmas gifts like the electric wine opener, and wine glasses. Hearing your feedback on these items makes me very happy because they you are loving them as much as I do. If you are looking to refresh your home, it takes time and baby steps. These items are great starters for building that new design you are looking for. I recommend all of these products because implementing acrylic and glass elevates a room in seconds!

Amazon | Glassware

2022 best selling item, square wine glasses, amazon top seller

Square Wine Glasses

I love the square shape because it is different than a normal round style, and looks so sleek. These wine glasses are unique, and are a major selling item this season. A ton of people purchased these as Christmas gifts, and I highly recommend them. You can never go wrong with getting new wine glassware!

2022 top best sellers, glass coffee mugs, amazon top selling item

Glass Coffee Mug

These glass coffee mugs are one of my favorite kitchen essentials. The glass is very modern and looks very clean. Declutter the cabinets and replace your mugs with glassware, or even acrylic items. If you have little children, I recommend trying acrylic cup ware so there is less glass to possibly break!

2022 best seller, amazon top selling item, gold rim stemless glasses, pack of 4

Gold Rim Stemless Glasses

I love these gold rim stemless glasses in my kitchen because it look so clean but the gold rim adds a little flare. You can use this for wine or your glass of tea. They come in a pack of 4 and the ribbed detailing on the outside of the glass is beautiful. Just like the glass mugs above, if you are wanting to elevate your kitchenware, replacing items with glass or acrylic elevates the look.

Amazon | Kitchen Essentials

2022 best sellers, electric wine opener, amazon top selling item

Electric Wine Opener

If you don’t already own an electric wine opener, I highly suggest purchasing one. It is definitely a home item that just benefits your convenience. Is opening a wine bottle with a normal opener work, yes. However, if you want to spoil yourself a little bit buy an electric one and let me know how you like it!

glass oil dispenser, 2022 best sellers, amazon items

Glass Oil Dispenser

One of my favorite kitchen essentials is this glass oil dispenser! You can purchase multiple and fill them olive oil, red wine vinegar, and more. These look amazing on the kitchen counter and can turn an average kitchen into a more glamorous space. With transforming a home, it isn’t about changing everything all at once. It is about slowly integrating new elevated items into the room, that is when you will start to see what works and what doesn’t with your personal style.

2022 top sellers, amazon best selling item, coffee pod organizer, acrylic pod organizer for drawer

Coffee Pod Organizer

This coffee pod organizer is awesome because it stores perfectly in your drawer and holds so many coffee pods. Putting them a drawer, clears clutter off of the counters and keeps your pods organized. Organize them by flavor, brand, or just stock up on your favorites!

Amazon | Home Essentials

amazon top selling item, plush pillow, accent pillow, 2022 best sellers

Plush Pillow

These pillows are amazing for accent couch pillows. You can put covers on them to match your style while having the coziest and plushest feel! I love these because you can change the covers for the seasons or change your style completely, without having to buy new accent pillows.

2022 top sellers, amazon best selling item, power scrubber round brush, cleaning item

Power Scrubber Round Brush

Do you want to get a deep clean by getting into the grout, around the sink, or drains? This power scrubbing round brush is amazing. Please note, this is NOT a toothbrush! This an awesome cleaning tool to get into those hard to reach crevasses. Get around your sink, your drains and keep that house looking fresh!

I am so happy that I get a full new year to show you my go-to items. Transforming a home can be very overwhelming. Sometimes, you do not even know where to start. That is what I am here for, is to assist you with providing my favorites! I love hearing your responses to new items or decor. If you purchase any of these items for yourself, please let me know your feed back!

I want to hear from you guys, what you would like to see this year! Anything specific you would like me to showcase, comment and let me know so I can better help you.

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