The Holiday Mantle has been hung..

Seasonal Decor

One of my absolute favorite things to do is hang my garland up on my mantle to prepare for the holidays. It typically is one the first things I do, and this year she was up nice and early. I wanted to create something new this year, unique and different that what I have seen before. You either love it or hate it, but so far I think it’s mostly loved. 😉

I first laid the garland out on the floor to develop my look and make sure it would work, and from there it took off. I used my favorite cedar garland. This is year #3 for this garland and she is sure my favorite. I used 2 on each side, and one folded garland for the center droop.

I began hanging the garland using my handy command strap hooks, these work great and are damage free. Linked here!

I used command hooks to hang the stockings and used fishing line to lower them and give a staggered look. Bells and ribbon are new this year for this space and couldn’t love them more!

Everything I used to create my holiday mantle look is below. Stay tuned over on Instagram for more daily holiday inspo! X

Xo, J

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  1. Anne Augustine says:

    Your mantle was everything that screams CHRISTMAS! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL & you obtained the “different”!