Holiday finds are hereeeeeee….

Seasonal Decor

The holiday season is coming very soon, and all I can think about it what ornaments I’ll be decorating with, to what color of velvet ribbon will be draped off my staircase. Oh, I cant forget about how I am going to decorate my new Christmas tree, that I have no ladder tall enough to reach… that is another story for another day. Needless to say I am SO ready for it my friends!!!

Last year everythiinnnnggg sold out way toooo fast, I myself was left without new ornaments I wanted, or the ribbon I had to have. So this year I am planning way ahead and making sure you are also prepared! I have rounded up Holiday decor deals that are steals this year, from hot ornament deals to garland you have to have, here it is and you don’t want to wait! Trust me….

I will be sharing all of my new holiday over on IG at ourpnw_home, make sure to find me there to not miss alllll the goods I share daily!

All the best….Xo, J

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