A simple porch….

Seasonal Decor

My porch is one my favorite things to decorate when the seasons change. Fall just might be my favorite, but the creative juices really begin flowing when it’s time for the porch decor. This year I wanted to show a phased approach of my porch. I have lots of plan for this porch but for now we are starting with the basics to help you in the creation of your porch. Sometimes less is just more!

Step 1: Make sure you have a solid foundation, aka rug!

Step 2: Buy MUMS. Lots of MUMS. All sorts of colors or the same. For this year I kept it all the same and added in green pumpkins which are so fun!

Step 3: Invest in pumpkins to re use year after year. I am linking all my pumpkins shown here and am always adding to my collection. I NEVER buy real pumpkins… Keep an eye out for discounts and sales on these coming soon!

Thats it for Phase. Stay tuned for my next reveal over on my Instagram. Click photo below or HERE to shop all products shown and similars.


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  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful! Just ordered the mat and next week I’m going to get Mums. I live in a townhouse now so I don’t have a big area but this will look pretty