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Today I embark on a new adventure, sharing my life behind the scenes here in my new home decor, and lifestyle blog to share with you all! I have always been one for writing, and have always had a passion for journaling, writing notes to my husband and kids. I am so excited to embark on this next chapter in my life and share this personal passion with you all! It has taken a lot of grit to get here, endless hours, sacrifices.. As life begins to level out, I know I am right where I need to be. There are not enough words to express enough how excited I am to begin putting the tips and tricks and all things in between here in writing. Mainly you will be seeing posts on home styling tips, adventuring in the PNW, and an especially helpful series on home building to help you during your homebuilding journey.

As a wife to my best friend, a mom of three (Shayla 17, Remington 5, and Aspen 2), I cannot forget about my little animal children as well, Cooper is our golden retriever and Leo our little rescue cat we are a busy family. We are passionate about being in the outdoors, and are usually on some sort of adventure exploring the PNW. We started this journey 3 years ago as we dove into our home build here in the wheat fields of Spokane, Washington. As the build continued, my Instagram grew, https://www.instagram.com/ourpnw_home/.

A couple years ago I had no idea what Instagram was. As I look back on the journey of how I got here, there has been major learning curves, endless moments of joy and loads of challenges. I have ultimately found a new passion I never new existed. Being part of this amazing community has brought me so much joy, and I feel so blessed to be part of it. It truly is amazing to watch your life change paths in front of your eyes, into a new direction you never imagined. Here I am living proof that anyone can really do anything that your heart desires.

I like to call my style modern transitional.  Mixing in warm wood tones, with my modern accents has really found its place here in our home, and in my heart. There are always too many couch pillows, and rugs are always rotating in and out; my husband calls me the rug queen. Which I definitely probably am. With our modern accents, and warm natural elements, we really love how our home is warm, inviting and feels like home to all that enter. Thank you for being here and following along on my journey, I can’t wait to bring you along on. Stay tuned for more on the blog soon!

Xo, Jordyn

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